Shiatsu Introductory Course

The Shiatsu introductory course offers the opportunity to get to know Shiatsu and the premises of the Shiatsu School Kreuzberg without obligation. If you would like to get a taste of Shiatsu first, you can use the experience gained during the introductory course as a decision-making aid and, if necessary, register for the Level 1 training only afterwards.
At the same time, participation in the Shiatsu basic training will make it much easier for you to start and is therefore expressly recommended.


Contents are the playful introduction to the philosophical background of Shiatsu, the mediation of the principle: „to relax by giving weight“ and the introduction of selected important Shiatsu techniques from the different technique areas. The art of sensitive touch develops as the practitioner is guided by the body of the person lying down.

The main focus of the introductory course is a first Shiatsu back treatment with palm technique. In addition, exercises for one’s own flexibility and body coordination are offered. A posture that is both healthy and effective is developed.

In the course of the course there will also be enough time for answering questions, which will bring the participants closer to the essence of Shiatsu.


The introductory course will take place in the classrooms of the Shiatsu School.

Please bring or pay attention to:

  • loose, warm and clean clothes
  • warm socks, preferably woolen socks
  • for drinking there is tea and hot water in the school, everything else you have to bring with you.
  • there is one hour lunch break, you can bring something to eat at school or go out for lunch
  • no writing utensils are needed for the introductory course!

Structure and prices


2 days = 12 hours of lessons (2 x 6 h)

3 days in the evening = 12 hours of lessons (3 x 4 h)

Price regular 85,00 €

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